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Systems Specialist & Web Designer

Name: Vagelis Kleidaras
Date of birth: 16/03/1979
Address: Perama, Attika, GR
Phone: +30 6948521383
I seek daily to invest in knowledge and human relations, to improve my profession in IT, and life!



Yioula Glassworks S.A.

Systems Specialist & IT helpdesk

Manage information systems, serve the daily operational needs of computer systems and users of the company. Install and maintain VMware cluster and virtual servers, monitoring proper functioning of network equipment, VPN and telecommunications. Participate actively in IT projects in the group of companies.

I feel lucky to work in such a professional environment.


Orasoft S.A.

Systems Engineer and Customer Support

Responsible to manage, maintain and support information systems of company clients. Customize and implement of Singular ERP, design and install new Information Technology projects.

The different needs and environments, made ​​me understand better what a business needs.



Debt administration credit & revenue control dept

Customer service specialists. Daily monitoring of customer accounts, customer communications, and management agreements repay debts.

Communication, is the most important!



Hellenic Open University

Programming | Computer Science & Telecommunications

In a distance university like the HOU you should take the opportunity to learn important thins...
That is what i did!

I gained a lot of knowledge on Project Management, and i got stronger knowledge in the architecture of information and communication systems.

I came closer to the objective programming, learning C, Java, Mysql and PHP, but also using testing tools and pseudocode as UML, Petri nets and Z Language.


Training Institutes "Omiros"

Computer Science & Telecommunications

I trained on managing windows and linux systems, implementing a Microsoft Windows Servers and Network Infrastructure, creating and managing a Domain, Managing a Microsoft Windows servers Network Environment.